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After a month of sickness in our house, the Clarks are back. Ella is feeling much better after a brief battle with pneumonia then a sinus infection. This is the first time we had to put Ella on antibiotics since she was in the nicu so they really worked! Dave and I have been pretty exhausted and both got sick as a result–me with a cold and Dave with the stomach flu. Needless to say February was not our month. However we are all feeling much better. YIPEE! It is so rare for Ella to get sick and when she does it feels like a life time until she is better. Dave and I are always so worried that she will not ever get back to her happy smiling self—-she always does.

On Friday we took Ella for a hike, it was great to be out in the fresh air. Using our new WIKE bike trailer that we adapted for skiing (Thanks Ski Rack in Burlington! You Rock!) attached to our waists, we pulled her all the way up to the top of Mount Philo. Ella really enjoys the movement of gliding over the snow. Today we plan on exploring the notch road between Smuggler’s Notch and Stowe— us on skis pulling Ella behind us.


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