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A few days ago someone asked me if I was always smiling. I thought about it for a second, smiled and said, “yes.” ¬†It’s a fact, I do smile a lot and I am very conscience of it. Why not? Smiling makes me feel better inside and out, and it’s better than the alternative. In the Bikram yoga practice, Bikram talks about, faking it, till you make it, in the challenging hot, sweaty 90 minute class. If you can’t achieve the full expression of the yoga postures in class, you should still try. Give your 100% effort and you will get 100% of the benefit of the class. And eventually, in the future, your body will catch up with your tremendous effort. ¬†Bikram guarantees it.

I think Bikram’s concept works for smiling and staying positive in my life as well. If I smile, my mind and thoughts stay positive. This is not easy. It takes tremendous effort, 100% effort. Negative thoughts are always lingering, hanging around ready to take over any second. I spend 30 minutes in meditation each morning mocking up my positive attitude for the day. I grant myself permission to be happy, healthy and peaceful. I work hard each moment of the day to maintain a positive outlook. Smiling just reminds me to stay in a healthy frame of mind.


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