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IMG_6551This morning I taught the 9 am yoga class. Leaving my house early I drove past Ella’s school and began to feel a bit blue. I watched parents and their children walking to school hand in hand. Melancholy took over as I thought of Ella still in her bed knowing full well that Ella would not get to school until after noon. More depressing thoughts creeped into my mind thinking how I will never be able to walk hand in hand with Ella or watch her run up the school steps and so many other things that she will miss out on in life. ¬†Finally, arriving at the yoga studio I unlocked the door and immediately put my ipod into the dock, Joni Mitchell began to sing. Busying myself with open details at the studio I put my blues on hold. I got dressed in my yoga costume (bikram yoga teacher language) and by the time I got to the front desk to greet the first student the song Chelsea Morning was playing. I stopped and listened as Joni invited me to Stay and talk in present tenses. My melancholy lifted, my heart filling with gratitude for all that I have to feel grateful for–Ella’s cuddles on the couch each night, her sweet little body falling asleep in my arms, and the purpose that is much bigger than myself that I have each morning when I get out of bed.

Thank you Joni Mitchell and Ella two strong incredible ladies, life is a lot sweeter because of you both.


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