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I’m having one of those days, or maybe I should say one of those weeks. Ella has been going through a seizure cycle, Dave started his student teaching and we’ve had company for over a week. This morning as I was taking yoga class I was distracted, couldn’t focus and felt like I had to go to the bathroom the whole time. UGH! My teacher even commented on my wondering eyes during class, she said it was very out of character for me. My laser beam focus was way off. I couldn’t help thinking of a student in the adaptive dance class I teach http://www.vsavt.org/education/can-do-arts/, an older lady with developmental disabilities. She doesn’t say much, but every once in a while when the class is quiet and concentrating she will yell out, “Oh My God!” It makes all of us laugh in the class, lightens the mood and usually is said at the very perfect time. Well this morning her voice was in my head: as I cleaned the snow off my windshield without my gloves, “Oh My God!”, as I came to a very small traffic jam, “Oh My God!”, discovering that I left my yoga top at home, “Oh My God!”, having to set myself up directly behind someone in yoga class leaving me little room, “Oh My God!”, standing head to knee, “Oh My God!”, triangle, “Oh My God!”, knocking over my water bottle, “Oh My God!”,  Oops,IMG_6550 I’m doing the wrong posture, “Oh My God!”,  backbends, “Oh My God!”, and savasana, “Oh My God!” Each time my student’s voice came into my head I lightened up and laughed to and at myself. I guess sometimes the most perfect words can come from unlikely sources.


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